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"at the next junction turn right"


"please start up the engine, now before you move off, I want you to show me how you would operate some of the controls"


"thank you, now, would you please ensure that the seat, seat-belt, head restraint and mirrors are properly adjusted and that your door is properly closed"


"now, you should drive in your normal manner. I will tell you in good time when to turn left or right, otherwise you follow the course of the road. If you have any doubts about my directions ask me to repeat or clarify them, you may start when you are ready" 

Turnabout Manoeuvre

"I would like you to turn your car around on the road to face the opposite way. You may go over and back more than once if necessary. You may start when you are ready. On completion, tell the applicant to pull in and stop, or to drive on, as necessary.

Reverse Manoeuvre 

The tester should where possible stop the applicant before the junction and should say - "This road on the left is the one I want you to reverse your vehicle into. Will you drive past it and stop on the left, And I will give you your further directions".

"Reverse into this road on the left. You should continue reversing, while it is safe to do so, keeping reasonably close to the left. I'll tell you when you have gone back far enough; you may start when you are ready".


Hill Start. Tell the applicant - "I want you to pull in and stop on the left/hill".


Parking. Coming towards the end of the test say to the applicant - "We're now coming towards the end of your test, please find a suitable place and park".


End of the test. "We'll now return to the office and I'll give you the result of the test.Thank You". 


COCKPIT DRILL / The Safety Checks


Check all doors to ensure that they are properly secure, preventing any rattle or noise which may distract you during your journey or for a door to swing open. Check side mirror to see doors ale flush. Do not lock the doors as you may need help from outside in the event of an emergency.


Adjust seat to be in a comfortable position and have easy access to the foot pedals and hand controls. You should be able to push the clutch right down to the floor with a slight bend of your left knee without having to stretch your leg. Head restraint should be adjusted to your height and positioned from the nape of the neck.


the back of the seat should be sufficiently forward to enable you to reach the top of the steering wheel without stretching and high enough to be able to see clearly ahead over the steering wheel whilst driving. A proper position would be with the elbows slightly bent giving you freedom to move your hands around the wheel.


Make sure you have placed your seatbelt flat across your body with no twist as this could have the effect of a knife's edge in the case of a sudden stop / collision.


It is important to correctly adjust the interior and exterior mirrors to suit you and should be kept clean all times. Adjust inside mirror by using the top and bottom of the mirror base without touching the glass itself.

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